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What We Believe

Financial Planning

At The Planning Group, we believe a financial plan is the key to long term success. Our financial plans lay out the foundation for your financial, estate and tax needs, while acting as a guideline to help you through various stages of life.

We take pride in building a strong relationship with you. This relationship allows us to help identify personal and financial goals you have and some you may have yet to articulate. From there, our team creates a financial plan specifically tailored to you. During the implementation of this plan, we look to identify tax savings opportunities, risk minimization strategies, and estate planning techniques while keeping you on track with your plan. We constantly review this plan with you and make adjustments for different market environments and life events.

Investment Philosophy

We believe that a comprehensive financial plan accompanied by a well-diversified portfolio will reduce volatility and improve the likelihood of success. By helping you determine your risk tolerance, time horizon, and goals, we are able to identify a proper investment structure that meets your risk objectives.